To breaking the mold and setting the curve.

The 1953 team brings years of experience to create and produce a delicious, beautiful, luxury tequila.

1953 Tequila strives to create value—for the world, women, workers, and shareholders. Through the production of a delicious ultra-premium tequila, we seek to demonstrate that businesses can do good in the world and still be successful companies. We are committed to running our business in a way that demonstrates our true commitment to social justice. We realize some of this will take time, but we remain committed to a core set of operating principles focused on governance, compensation, worker rights, and how we engage with our community and partners.

a group of people including the founders, distiller, and distillery owner standing in an agave field.

The Story of 1953 Tequila

We came together to build a tequila company dedicated to honoring women, celebrating workers, and caring for the world.

We met two women who had already transformed the industry – the first woman to run a major distillery, and a master distiller with decades of experience crafting luxurious tequila.

With their commitment, we set about opening more doors together. We met with a local farmer who agreed to let his daughters run the family farm – rather than sell it since he had no sons – once he knew we would guarantee purchase.  Today, these women oversee the fields that are not only the future of 1953, but serve as a tangible reminder to other women that there’s a place for them anywhere they want to lead.

That is the spirit behind 1953. Cheers to the Trailblazers.

close up of the neck and cap of the 1953 tequila bottle

The spirit behind 1953

Friendship, social justice, and really good tequila

Women belong—especially where money, power and patriarchy have excluded them.

Workers are value creators—they deserve to have their role recognized—in compensation, protection, and corporate decision-making.

Businesses needs to leave the environment better than they found it.