1953 Tequila Featured on NBC’s TODAY Show

“Meet the female founders transforming the tequila industry — Co-founders of 1953 Tequila, Shivam Mallick Shah, Lindsey Davis Stover, Alison Friedman, along with partner Adriana Lopez, came together to create an additive-free spirits company while transforming an industry not typically occupied by women. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer shares their story.”

Three Rounds With the Owners of a DC-Area Tequila Brand

“In 2018, Lindsey Davis Stover and Alison Kiehl Friedman ran against each other for a Northern Virginia congressional seat. Both lost—but they also won, because afterward, they pivoted to a jollier line of work: starting a tequila company. Last October, they launched 1953 Tequila with a third local cofounder, Shivam Mallick Shah. I sat down with Stover and Shah for three rounds of their tequila to talk about the business.”

Named Best Additive-Free Tequila by Men’s Journal

“This is a purchase to feel good about. The brand consciously makes its tequila with traditional methods and focuses on creating opportunities for women in the male-dominated tequila industry…It has an elevated palate with notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and earthy agave. Sip this one neat to really get a sense of what it’s like.”

A Tequila Company Where Women Are in Charge

“Co-founders of 1953 Tequila, Shivam Mallick Shah and Lindsey Davis Stover, share how they broke into the traditionally male-dominated world of tequila production.”

Forbes: Delectable Women-Owned Tequila Brands

“On October 17, 2023, Shivam Mallick Shah, Lindsey Davis Stover and Alison Kiehl Friedman launched 1953 Tequila with an ultra-premium añejo. The launch date paid homage to the 70th anniversary of Mexican women securing the right to vote in their country and as a reminder for the need to continue to pursue equality for women around the globe.”

The Story of 1953 Tequila, Founded and Led by Women

“In a world where the spirits industry has long been dominated by men, 1953 Tequila emerges as a beacon of empowerment, led entirely by women.”

This New Women-Owned Spirit Shakes Up the Luxury Tequila Industry

“Named after the year women secured the right to vote in Mexico, 1953 is trailblazing a path in the premium añejo tequila category but also unabashedly focusing on females as the consumers and creators of the product. Based on their previous career experience in male-dominated industries, the three founders consciously built a company run by women on all levels, from farming to distilling to leadership. Women’s History Month may have just passed, but breaking the glass ceiling in their field is a 365-day mission.”

Cool Bottles: Shapely Spirits

1953 Tequila was featured in Chilled Magazine’s highlight of cool spirit bottles. “Paying homage to the year women in Mexico secured the right to vote, this additive-free ultra-premium tequila is founded, farmed distilled, and run by women. The sleek bottle is inspired by all the woemn making the most of improbable friendships and looking to change the world in ways both large and small.”

Top 100 Drinking Trends in November

Ranked #7, “The 1953 Tequila also immediately captures attention. Commemorating the 70th year since women in Mexico were granted the right to vote, the 1953 Tequila is offered in a captivating sculptural bottle design that stands out as an emblem of female strength and determination.

BevNet Spirits Gallery: New Releases

“Women-founded, farmed, distilled and led spirits brand 1953 Spirits has officially debuted in the market with the launch of its additive-free Tequila Añejo. The tequila is derived from 100% Blue Weber agave harvested from the Jalisco highlands and is aged for 15 months in vintage American oak barrels previously used for bourbon.”

New Additive-Free Tequila ‘Founded, Farmed, Distilled and Led by Women’ Hits the Market Nationwide

“Founders Shivam Mallick Shah, Lindsey Davis Stover and Alison Kiehl have teamed up with master distiller Rocio Rodriguez to bring a new women-led ultra-premium tequila to market…Fittingly, the brand’s four-digit name pays homage to the year that women in Mexico secured the right to vote — 10/17/1953, exactly 70 years prior to the tequila’s release date.”

Women-Led Ultra-Premium Tequilas

“1953 Tequila is a Tribute to Women’s Tenacity. In commemoration of the 70th year since women in Mexico were granted the right to vote, 1953 Tequila stands out as an emblem of female strength and determination. This top-tier, additive-free Añejo Tequila is a brainchild of women, from its inception to its distillation, reflecting their unwavering spirit in a male-centric industry.”

Introducing 1953 Tequila

“‘The story of this tequila isn’t traditional, but paths for women rarely are. Today we couldn’t be more excited to introduce that story and this tequila to everyone who wants to purchase with purpose.'”

Female Disruptors: Lindsey Davis Stover, Shivam Mallick Shah & Alison Kiehl Friedman

The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

“Founders and friends Shivam Mallick Shah, Lindsey Davis Stover and Alison Kiehl Friedman came together in search of a consciously crafted, ultra-premium tequila. Together, they sought partners in Mexico who applied the finest craftsmanship utilizing the region’s traditional methods to make a luxurious tequila without additives, and who shared in their commitment to providing opportunities for, and empowering, women. In the process, they created a truly distinctive spirit.”

And we’re just getting started

1953 is about friendship and the stories we share and the ones we will make together. Grab a bottle and raise a glass!

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